Bettina Neuhaus

‘It’s all rhythm’
workshop, 1x :
zondag 15 mei,

13.00-18.00 uur.
€ 65

Meld je aan via het inschrijfformulier en maak het cursusgeld over op rekening nr NL 26 TRIO 0390 5115 79, tnv Dansdrift.

Per 6 november 2021 is de Corona-check verplicht voor amateur groepen dans e.d. We volgen de richtlijnen van de overheid omdat het belangrijk is een veilige omgeving te bieden aan de deelnemers. Dus neem je coronapas mee.
Verder verwachten we van elke danser dat deze de hygiëne maatregelen in acht neemt. Was vaak je handen. Laat je testen bij klachten ook al ben je ingeënt, of blijf weg.
We dansen nog steeds in kleinere groepen. Meldt je zo snel mogelijk aan als je mee wilt doen met de workshop. Dit is iets anders dan we gewend zijn, want mocht het nodig zijn werken we met een kleine groep, max 9 deelnemers.

‘It’s all rhythm!’
This one-day workshop investigates rhythm as a central element of dancing and dance making. As a phenomenon that underlies all aspects of life, rhythm can be felt everywhere: in our heartbeat, breathing and gestures, in the words we say, the way we walk, birdsong, the sound of the engine, the form of an object or the shapes of a building.
Through rhythm we are able to read events in time, to coordinate our actions with them and to enter into a dialogue with our surroundings.

As a way to engage our dancing body we will work on the receptivity and articulation of our feet and legs. This allows our connection to gravity and the ground to become more present and stimulates an open, soft and active body that moves as a way to listen, imagine and relate. By placing our actions with clarity in the continuum of time we can engage with our own musicality.

We will explore how we move with the rhythm of a partner, a piece of music or a particular configuration of dancers in space. As we begin to hear our movements within the larger context of other rhythms happening around us new layers of reading, choice making and editing enrich the act of making solos, duets or group pieces.

In deze workshop worden de RIVM richtlijnen opgevolgd.

Bio Bettina Neuhaus

Bettina Neuhaus is an independent dance artist, certified Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teacher and mentor, who has been working internationally in the field of performance for 30 years.
She collaborates with dancers, musicians, visual artists and poets. With an interest in finding ways of a more embodied awareness of ecology Bettina developed over the past 10 years an outdoor practice that investigates the communication and action that can emerge from within our relationship with nature.
In her teaching she shares her deep love for movement as a way of experiencing aliveness, and connecting us to ourselves and to the world.
Bettina’s classes draw from and intertwine elements of SRT, Instant Composition, experiential anatomy and hands-on work. She teaches Instant Composition and SRT extensively at major academies, festivals and studios across Europe and South America.